Hello Mountain Shadow Sisters & Friends!

Welcome to Mountain Shadows Thrifters! Here you’ll find deals, bargins, coupons, entertainment specials, food sales, clothing sales, and much much more. If you have something you would like to add or let everyone know of a GREAT deal by you or around you please feel free to contact me and I’ll post it for everyone to see.

Jill came up with this great idea to let everyone know in the ward of the great summer specials, or deals, coupons in general. As a team Jill and I will keep this post updated with new information, but we rely on you sisters to help us and keep us in formed of all the great savings that are out there. We know times are difficult and money is tight with everyone. This will be a great opportunity to help ourselves and others in need by sharing our knowledge. I LOVE to cook and bake I will post a recipe everyday of something that I’ve created myself, found from another cooking blog, or a family recipe. I will gladly pass that on to you. If you as well have a great recipe that you would like to share please do! I’m always looking for something different then your standard spaghetti night and I’m sure other sisters are as well.

Please leave your comments on anything you would like to share your advice, opinions, or compliment on. Please help us get the word out! Thank you for all your support 🙂


Jill & Tess


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