Dale Smith’s & Son’s Meat Packing

I had some of my grocery budget remaining, so I decided to purchase 10 pounds of ground beef from Smith’s Meats. The ground beef comes in 1-lb frozen packages and is $2.39/lb. They actually get their ground beef from Springville Meat Co, which is another meat processing company here in Utah. If you live in the Utah county area, Springville Meat Co. is a good alternative to Smith’s Meats, however, Smith’s Meat’s prices are lower. {More info to follow!}

My 10-lbs of 90% lean beef cost me $25.48. I’ve opted to purchase ground beef here because of the freshness and quality, not necessarily because it’s the least expensive option. Everything we’ve gotten from Smith’s meats has been incredible! This has to be the freshest beef I’ve ever had. It’s a slaughter house that offers EVERY part of the cow that you can use. They are made to order, for your cuts or what ever you may need. Here is a small pricing list of a few things they offer. If there isn’t something you want that isn’t there call them and ask. Like for instance Filet Minon (sp) isn’t on the list but I know that they have it so I’m not sure on the pricing for that.

Dale T. Smith & Sons
Phone # 801-571-3611
Website:   www.smithmeats.com
Location: 12450 S. Pony Express Rd,  Draper, UT 84020   (kind of in the Ikea area)
Open Hours: 7 am – 4 pm Monday — Friday

Cash or check only

Ok, here are the “current” prices from the latest price sheet — (Tessie said that prices change and they also have daily deals.)(prices are “per pound”)
Bone  .79
Brisket  2.29   (Pioneerwoman.com has a great brisket marinade recipe)
cheek 2.09
chuck  2.69
chuck roll 2.69
eye round 3.09
fat/suet  .69
flank  2.39
flank stks 2.79
flat  2.89
fries  2.50
ground beef  2.69
heart  1.19
hock  1.79
loin  3.00
kidney  .69
lips  .99
liver  .85
plate  2.29
ranchera  2.99
ribeye  3.79
ribeye steak  3.99
ribs  2.19
rounds  3.09
shank  2.59
shank w/ bone  2.59
skirt steak  2.59
tail  2.79
tenderloin  5.09
tip  2.69
tongue  2.59
tripe  1.09
tripas  .99

Choice Ribeyes  5.89
Choice Ribeye steaks 5.99


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