Clearance food items

I’m sure you’ve seen the clearance food items at your local grocery store- they usually have a bright colored sticker on the front with a new, marked down price. One of the ways I routinely get amazing deals at the grocery store is by purchasing these marked down items. Here are a few tips to scoring the best deal on these last chance products:

  • Plan on freezing the item immediately or eating it within a week. Most often, the items are marked down because their approaching their “Best if Purchased by” date. This doesn’t mean the item will suddenly become inedible on that specific date- most foods are still good several days, even a week beyond that recommended date.
  • Shop for markdowns early morning. I find most stores mark down items at some point in the night, so for the best selection, go first thing in the morning.
  • Look for produce markdowns! Produce items usually need to be frozen or eaten within a day. I found bananas just past their prime marked down and got 3 for .06! Perfect for baby food or smoothies!
  • Use a coupon! Just because the item is marked down doesn’t mean you still can’t use a coupon! Smith’s constantly has yogurt marked down to $1-$1.50. It’s not hard to find a $1/1 yogurt coupon in the Sunday inserts! I also recently found tearpad coupons for $1 off John Morrell Sausage. I took a couple and the very next week found these sausages marked down to .99!

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