Milk Jug Crafts

I know it’s early but I found this great idea for crafts!

We go through a lot of milk, so when a holiday is approaching, I start saving the jugs and scouring the internet for some fun crafts. Here are a few I’ve found for Halloween:
Here’s a fun idea that uses a few milk jugs! We saw this Pirate at Thanksgiving Point last weekend. You could just leave the skeleton free of any costume and it would still be fun to display on the porch! Here are the instructions.

These are so fun! They would be so cute lining a walk-way. Easy to make as well- go hereto learn how.

Ok, so I know this isn’t a milk jug per se (it’s a Tide bottle!), but it’s still so cute! Plus, I thought you could use the same idea and make a ghost one from a milk jug! Go here for details on making this little guy.
Want even more ideas? Family Fun magazine has a fantastic collection of crafts for young children. You can also go here to see a collection of 20 crafts for older kids from Women’s Day

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